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The Center, as a resource to the grouting community, will provide services in the areas of education, information and conduct research aimed at finding solutions for construction, rehabilitation and environmental problems.

Educational Services

The Center will provide training and continuing education courses to foster greater understanding of grouts and their use in various applications. In addition to specific course offerings, the Center will organize seminars and lectures on specific topics of interest to industry.

Information Services

The Center will offer information regarding grouts, grout applications, regulatory/environmental concerns and design procedures. A database will be established with current information on service providers, both nationally and internationally. It will also be a clearinghouse for information on current research and its potential applications. These resources will be available to the Center's members.

Advisory Services

The Center will provide advisory services to organizations interested in grouting technology. Through these services, the Center will assist organizations in conducting preliminary studies of grouts and in planning and designing grouting operations all at reduced fees.


Periodically throughout the year a business roundtable will be held in which industry leaders, particularly in grouting technology, will meet to discuss pressing issues. This Center will play a facilitating role in this forum and will seek to stimulate discussion between industry personnel and researchers addressing the problems.