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The Center’s goals are to foster improved understanding of grouting materials and their applications and to conduct and participate in basic and applied research to develop innovative grouting materials and to improve current grouting technology.

The Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology at the University of Houston was established due to growing demand from industry for better management of information on grouts and grout applications to meet the current demands in construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure and in solving environmental problems.

The Center will develop a database on grouts and their applications. The Center will serve as an informational resource for a variety of industry groups such as manufacturers, consultants and users. It will become a networking center in which information on grout technology will be shared with the technical community. Advisory services will be developed in response to requests from the industry to improve specific areas of grouting interests. Research will be conducted which will directly impact the development of grouting technology.

The Center will be an integrated interdisciplinary framework, drawing expertise in engineering, science and technology at the University of Houston. In addition to utilizing the resources of the University of Houston, the Center will collaborate with practitioners from the industries to be served, regulators and researchers known nationally and internationally. Every effort will be made by the CIGMAT to transfer technology from bench scale studies to actual applications.